The prices published on the website, payments and invoices of orders are in euros.
The transmission of the order form implies the obligation to pay the price, inclusive of all applicable fees and taxes.
Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. accepts the following forms of payment:

Upon purchase, customers enter the details of their credit card in a secure electronic banking system, provided by Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Sesto San Giovanni.
It's possible to purchase using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB.
We invite you to visit the website of the reference Bank for more information.

Credit Card Security
All transactions are processed through a secure server, ensuring customers of Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. maximum data protection.
The operators of Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. Customer Service are not in any way allowed to request or to accept the credit card numbers and/or extremes of validity of the same.
In order to ensure greater protection on e-commerce purchases, Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. recommends its customers to subscribe to the Verified By Visa or Mastercard Securecode services, requiring a PIN security code to be able to make purchases in complete safety.
For more information please visit or websites.

Charges on the Credit Card
If there are sufficient funds to purchase and the bank details provided are valid, the transaction will be processed instantly.
The credit card used will be charged at the time of purchase even in case of pre-order, although the shipment of these items occurs in a subsequent period.

Choosing to pay by bank transfer, at the conclusion of the order, the customer automatically receives a confirmation email with Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. bank data, following which the goods are set aside pending the arrival of the transfer to the account.
The customer is required to send a copy of payment by fax to n. 0964/419191 or by e-mail to within 24 hours from the receipt of the order confirmation. If within that period MADE IN GOEL s.c.s.p.a. will not receive the proof of payment, it will cancel the order.
In the event that, following such notification, the corresponding amount is not credited and displayed on the account indicated within 5 working days, the order shall be considered canceled anyway.
It is understood that the scheduled delivery dates will start from the moment the transfer has reached the designated bank account.

Choosing Paypal payment method the customer can pay directly through its PayPal account. Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. reserves the right to ship the goods to the address indicated on the account verified by Paypal.

Customers can choose to pay using their account AliPay.
For more information please visit the official website.

New Customers
Si ricorda ai nuovi clienti che Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. può richiedere alla propria banca o a Paypal di verificare la transazione, anche contattando la banca controparte.
Tale verifica potrebbe provocare qualche ritardo nella spedizione dell’ordine.
Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. si riserva il diritto di spedire l’ordine unicamente all’indirizzo di fatturazione.

We remember to new customers that Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a., may ask its bank or Paypal to verify the transaction, even contacting the counterparty bank.
This check may cause some delay in the shipment of the order.
Made In GOEL s.c.s.p.a. We reserve the right to ship the order only to the billing address.