GOEL Social Consortium was founded in 2003, after a decade of animation and business creation done with Msgr. Bregantini and the Social and Labour Pastoral of Locri-Gerace Diocese.
GOEL wants to be an organized system to people service, capable of opposing the death powers that govern the territory. It has as its mission "the change of Locri and Calabria", in the belief that every ethical proposal should not be just right but must also become effective!

The Consortium is mainly made up of social cooperatives of "A" and "B" type, operating in the Locri area and the Plain of Gioia Tauro. The former provide services to the weakest population groups, the latter are productive enterprises, democratically managed, where a part of the members and workers are disadvantaged people.

The name "GOEL" has biblical roots, means: "the redeemer", to highlight the liberation and redemption feature that the Consortium intends to hold to its own land and, in particular, to non-autonomous and powerless people.

Today GOEL Consortium is organized in GOEL COOPERATIVE GROUP, composed by the same Consortium, GOEL Bio and MADE IN GOEL, company social cooperatives born in order to manage specific areas of activity.

Made in Goel manages, on GOEL's behalf, the Cangiari brand. It gathers GOEL social cooperatives working in the production and marketing of Cangiari brand products.